Garden Update: End of June. Phew!

I will be honest, a couple of weeks ago I was pretty discouraged.  Back in early March, when trees were still without leaves, the backyard was getting practically full-sun for most of the day.  The owner warned me before I put in the raised bed that the backyard doesn't get a ton of sun in the summer.  While I believed him, and noted the large trees in our neighboring yards, I thought surely it must get 'enough' to grow at least greens or some other less sun-needy vegetables.  Plus, for me, it was worth a shot at trying the full spectrum of plants and, if it didn't go well, I could stick to more shade-friendly vegetables next summer.

Well, fast forward to June and the lettuce seeds and kale starts I had put in months ago just weren't growing.  They sprouted as expected but seemed to grow at a snails pace since - still not yielding leaves big enough to eat - which did not align with my fellow bloggers who had been enjoying lettuce by the basket full for weeks.  Further, the tomato transplants grew a little bit after transplanting but seemed to have stagnated.  I was beginning to resign myself to not even being able to grow greens in this poor bed, when all of the sudden two weeks ago I walked stoically out to the backyard expecting for my resignation to be confirmed, when I saw this:

What the Wha??!!?

I swear, everything tripled in size overnight.  Okay, maybe over two nights, but still.  To say I was overjoyed is sadly not an overstatement.  I realize there are more important things going on in the world, but my lettuce grew!!!  This picture is actually a week or two after the joyous morning, I was apparently too excited to take pictures, so imagine things slightly smaller, but still a drastic improvement from this earlier in June:  

see that sad lettuce on the left that was planted 2 months earlier...

Things have continued to grow and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the tomatoes and other fruit-bearing plants that currently have flowers will grow said fruit.