Garden Update: June 4th

We are about 3 weeks post putting the tomato, pepper, and eggplant starts in the ground.

I call this the 'wait' component of the 'hurry up and wait' process after the more intensive part of getting summer transplants ready and in the ground after the 'threat of frost' has passed.

Here is a peak at the 'mini-beds' as I may refer to them going forward.  

In the back left are the perennial herbs: sage, oregano, mint, and lavender that have all flowered recently and have been popular among the bees.  Chives, rogue mint, and a new rosemary transplant inhabit the next bed to the right.  Continuing clockwise, arugula, cilantro, parsley, a basil transplant, a couple of pepper transplants, and kale are growing.  And last, and quite possibly least, raspberries have taken over the bed in the front left.  Planted by owners of the house.  I have my fingers crossed that they are fall-bearing raspberries because they have not flowered at all yet.  If September comes and goes without a raspberry, this guy is getting the axe.  Though with all of the canes shooting up around the mini-beds, it may be a losing battle.